SWTOR PVP: A brand new world to me

After almost a year of playing swtor with various alts (I’m a raving altoholic and still can’t decide on a main yet), I’ve never dwelled into pvp much. My highest valor rank is maybe a 10 for warzones. A few queues here and there. I got a bit bored of planet questing (especially Nar Shaadda) so figured I’d try a few pvp warzones and get my daily xp reward.

I did some reading and watched a few youtube videos on how to play a pyrotech powertech first, got the gist of it, and solo queued. Talk about newb horror. I had no idea what I was doing! Ok I might be exaggerating a bit but certain strategies I really wasn’t aware of. Last time I played in a warzone, I was on my agent and the strategy was simple enough. Park myself with decent LoS (“It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground”), and fire away (either attacking or defending a node). Can’t really do that on a powertech since it’s all melee and up close.

Fuck it, let’s charge in. A pretty good youtube clip explained a bit for me with regards to pvp rotations, and getting railshot to proc, so I stuck with a few simple attacks at first. Uppercut, flame burst, railshot, 2-3 other attacks, rinse/repeat. I’m not sure how, but the more I played the more comfortable I got and figured out what I’m supposed to be doing without being a huge hinder on the team.

And 4 hours later, I’m actually enjoying this and even raged fitted several times (“Let the hate flow through you!”) when things weren't going well. Not because of the fact that I suck at pvp (which I do and get killed often enough), but at least I knew what needed to be done for the various warzones. I was raging at others for not doing what they are supposed to be doing (keep in mind that I didn’t rage over chat or anything mind you, just to myself and yelled at my screen. I despise those who rage or gloat over Ops/Group chat at everyone).

After playing this past weekend almost exclusively on PVP, I have to say I’m liking it a lot! Got to Valor 25 with Ludarett, and I manage to get top 3 in damage quite often as well as get 7+ objective medals per game. Then I thought, okay why not try this on some of my alts and see how it goes? Sure enough, I fired up my level 12 commando and gave it a shot and try the reverse of what I normally do (go after the healers). So here I am with my 1 heal skill, ready to get constantly attacked and killed. Come at me bro! Sure enough, 2-3 vs 1 at all times. Still had fun, it’s a challenge but getting the focus on you means others can cap the door on voidstar more easily, or defend that node on Novacost and while attempting to heal your teammates while they plant bombs.

Next up, going to give my 42 sith assassin a shot at pvp. I can just imagine how good the competition is at level 50 with top gear versus newbs on recruit gear.


Welcome to the Hunter's Boon

With the 1.6 patch going live yesterday, I felt this was a good day to also launch this site. Hunter's Boon isn’t like all the other SWTOR sites out there. In addition to talking about my bounty hunter toon in SWTOR, I will also offer news and ramblings regarding the old republic, strategies, tips, Q&A’s, pictures/videos on our YouTube channel, and lot’s more.

However the main purpose of this site to to help new players to the game (like me a year a ago) figure things out so that everyone playing can enjoy swtor to it’s fullest, funnest, and augment the swtor community even further. Hope you enjoy the site!